Rent your boat for a part of the day or a full day

A very beautiful and relaxed tour along many highlights of the city center takes about three hours. If you want to stay out longer, you could consider a four hour or even a full day rental.

Almost the whole city center including the Amstel river is accessible with our rental boats. For your own safety only the IJ, the Kostverlorenvaart and the Nieuwe Herengracht are forbidden area’s.

Custom made map & personal advice included in boat rental

With your rental boat we provide a large laminated map of the Amsterdam canals. This map includes a suggested three hour route from our central location to some of the most beautiful Amsterdam canals and the Amstel river. And for a four hour route you might consider an extra loop through the southern or the eastern part of Amsterdam.

We will explain the map and possible routes to you before you leave. After that, it’s up to you: you can follow our suggestions or go your own way.

Best boat hire rates, online booking

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